b18b (not b18b1) MAP??


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i have recently completed my swap into a 92 VX right now i am getting 7, yes 7 mpg, i checked the codes and it is the map sensor, i did some research and found that i am missing a MAP sensor, and where it is sopposed to go doesnot have a hole for the sensor or a correct way for it to bolt on, first off why is this and second what do i have to do, new TB maybe? BTW the motor is JDM


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older civics and integras had the map on the firewall. there is a small nipple on the top of the throttle body your map that you need has a small hose comming off of it to the nipple on the throttle body. If you b18b doesnt have a spot to bolt the map to it will go on the firewall like i described. if you need a fire wall mount map i will sell you one of mine for like $35 shipped. let me know if you need it.