B18b Turbo Sizing?

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I was looking at turbonetics turbochargers and checking out all the flow maps and if my math is correct the t3 super 60 would still provide a good 65% efficiency at 3000rpms, with a ball bearing center section it shouldnt produce too much lag (ie be very streetable) and still put out some pretty big power. any thoughts? the t3 60 seems to be a good match to the 1.8 also.
lag does NOT necessarily mean its not streetable. Get that myth out of your head for a minuet. In fact, I would digress that just the opposite is true. Lag = good fuel economy for cruising. you DON'T want to be in boost in 5th gear until like 80-85 mph.

everyone talks about lag like its the worst thing to happen to cars since battery powered hybrids :) But in all reality, if you don't make full boost until 4000-ish, you are golden.

for a killer street setup, i HIGHLY recommend the t3 60-1 or the t4 60-1 for sick power.

think about where you lag- first gear, normal driving- who cares.
once you top out 1st and bang 2nd, you are in full boost until you top out 5th.

That, and everyone talks about lag like its so fuking slow--- CX 70hp slow. its just not true.

here's a 3rd gear pull of an ls/t on a dude's integra i know. notice, its in MPH,. not rpms. he started the pull just above 50mph in 3rd... its kinda small- but you get the idea.


now, in an ls tranny in 3rd gear at 50 mph, you are probably around 3500-ish. this turbo is a t4 60-1 pushing 22 psi.

by 60mph, hes making 100 horse, by 70mph, almost 250 (on his best tuned pull) so 70mph in 3rd is probably 4500 or so.

i don't know how to really explain it in words... but, IMO, the t3/t4 is HIGHLY overrated for street (1st-3rd gears become worthless wheel spin) where as a 60-1, where you are lagging more, you will GET a launch- and gradualy, but sickly, build power all the way on up.

now- get a built head- like me :) - and pull that out to 9500 rpms- and when you shift, you will fall not back to 250, but even higher up in the power band.

HTH, and helps you make a wise decision on whats best for you.
thanks, I wont be making that much power so that is why a linear power band is more benificial to me, I have a full built 3000gt-vr4 and thats also what I do for a living is build motors and fast 3kgt/stealths, that is why I like a nice fat torque curve :) since I wont be making huge gobs of power looking for mid 12's in a ls/t eg hatch I would gladly sacrafice some top end power for low end torque. that being said it looks like the choices of turbo that I was looking at are exactley what you are recomending. :)