B18b1 + 5zigen Fireball Catback + ? Intake = Great

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I just bought a B18B1 today for 850 dollars, yes thats right 850...LOL. Anyway, I got a deal on a slightly used 5zigen firebal catback for 200 and I want to put an intake on this engine that will match the quality parts I am already putting on it. From what I hear the fireball catback kicks some major ass but if you guys have any experiences with this catback system please tell me about it. I am open to ideas regarding what kind of intake; Cold air intake, short ram...Whatever. Give me some suggestions, I would totally appreciate it.

IF you recommend an intake, please specifiy which model will work? Do I buy a 94-01 Teg intake or 92-95 civic intake? I'm thinking the Teg one and then modifying the intake to fit? Is that right????
I was thinking about buying this AEM intake. The cold air induction one would be nice but I just want to get this engine going and not have to worry about water splashing into my engine. I will not get as much horsepower from the short intake but I just kinda like the look of it a little better..sides no need to cut up a 160 dollar intake...LOL.


Check this out and tell me if it would be a good buy or what.

...Nevermind, I just bought it. From what I know this intake will work perfectly with my B18B1 and it's not a piece of crap.