B18c1 block with b16a2 head?

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:confused:OK I have a 1997 honda civic EK9 that has a B16A2 swap on it right now but the engine started to smoke a lil so I decided to change the block but I want to know what do u guys think?
B18C1 Block with P30 pistons for high compression
B16a2 head with type R cams
also have the ECU out of a 1997 ITR obdII
as well a chipped CROME P28
I would like to know what do u guys think of this I have another freshly build B16a2 stock was that I can just drop in if this B18C1 is not a good idea let me know what else do I need to make this car run good trying to stay N/A

OMG... i cant believe nobody has ever thought of doing a b18c1 block w/ a a b16 head.. :ph34r:

thank's for your asnwer S-A_S-ss:mad:
wow maybe you should do a lil more research b18c5(itr) is basically a b18c1 block w/ a slightly done up b16 head ftw
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(thank's Stleger184634 u at least gave me an Idea) and yeah I have google it and found a 1000 people that have done it maybe a billion but wanted to write it here for my own.
well i mean if some people want's to make a smart ass asnwer here:mad:
yea ppl come here to ask questions only to be told that they sould do more reaserch lol,, ppl r so angry on fourms