B18C1 or H22 --> 5th gen. Civic h/b

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TiredOFmy f**kinLX

Junior Member
I am going to be getting a h/b shortly and not sure what motor I am going to swap into it.

The car will be a daily driver and I will need A/C. Power steering is not really needed, but the a/c has got to be there for my daughter and myself becaue it gets really hot here in the south.

With that said what should I go with?

I will be paying someone to do this transplant. I may one day throw a turbo or supercharger on it as well.

If someone give pros / cons of each swap that would be great.

Also, I am thinking more on the B18 side because I hear there really is no choice but to upgrade the axles when using an H22.

i actually am doing an h22 swap in my 5th gen. the motor is being redone with all the type s stuff; pistons, rods, cams, and tranny. im also adding a type s header to the mix. the reason the motor isnt in is because im knocking on 14's doors with my sohc all motor. im waiting also because of the suspension. im upgrading, but i dont know what setup to go with.(still deciding). the motor is almost twice the weight (i dont want my car to handle like crap) so im taking precautions. an h22 civic is a full blown hybrid. but if taken the proper steps, it can be as reliable as a stock setup.
also make sure a reputable shop is doing it. you dont want a hack job. just explore your options, go according to your budget, and do your homework.
with my setup im hoping to hit low 13's or high 12's. one more thing, dont let anyone dog you for what you wanna do. just do it. then watch the looks on their faces after. peace & aloha
to swap in an h22a and keep your A/C is a chore, but it can be done, just things like your radiator have to be pushed back !!!
foward , back, whatever, how about closer to your front bumper. lol. or get slimmer radiator fans, get rid of those stock ones.