b18c1 with some type r internals tunning question

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My girls engine is at the machine shop right now getting work on it. We had the engine built at Trick Engineering in New England. They built a
b18c1 with type r bottom end
.02 overbore type r pistons (not to sure on bore size)
gsr [COLOR=#0072bc! important][COLOR=#0072bc! important]crower[/COLOR][/COLOR] stage 1 cams
stock valves
skunk2 [COLOR=#0072bc! important][COLOR=#0072bc! important]valve [COLOR=#0072bc! important]springs[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] and valve retainers
skunk 2 intake mani
[COLOR=#0072bc! important][COLOR=#0072bc! important]dc [COLOR=#0072bc! important]sports[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] header
an obd2 gsr ecu with a vafc

The [COLOR=#0072bc! important][COLOR=#0072bc! important]motor[/COLOR][/COLOR] has been damaged. We pulled the motor our selves and brought it to a machine shop and we got the call that the block is like completely destroyed with worn valve guides and the deck was damaged by whoever last took the motor apart the last bore was made to big for the pistons and the pistons are worn. We are going to get this fixed. Keep in mind this is an NA build with the potential for a SC down the road. This shop is a good shop that will get the work done the right way this time.

2 questions that I would like individual responses for please

1 When doing the rebuild is there any other combination sugested such as different cams or pistons?

2 What ECU and Piggy back with be the best combo for the build that we have stated above? I am questioning a gsr ecu being a good idea with type 4 bottom end. We are looking at hondata or a greddy e-manage. With either of these should we look at maybe a type 4 ecu? also keep in mind we live in an emissions state and need to hold on to a obd1 ecu.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if there is any more information needed that I may have not included.