B18c5 In 95 Civic Coupe

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i have a 95 civic coupe, gutted the a/c,all the dash,back seats,stereo, and wanting to do a b18c5 swap, how much would you be able to get that engine for,and from who?
how fast in the 1/4 do you think it would go, i have a d15b7 n0w, intake,exhaust wires, running 15.667@83mph
hybrid revolution, one of our sponcers was selling them for a little under 4g's. About how fast you will go, read the FAQs about that, there is absolutly no way to tell, there are so many little things that effect it. BTW, nothing out performs OEM honda wires until your reving past 10k and/or sporting 450+hp
i have to give props to hybrid revolution, there prices are better than passwordjdm
I didn't send them a email because I am not looking for a motor.What are their prices like though?
email Eric (owner) sent to me

For the OBD1 GSR it will run about 2,900 and for the Type R b18c5 3,700
include Transmission Alternator Starter Compressor Wiring harness and
Does not come with mounts.

So you still need to buy shift linkages, axles and mounts. I will probally go with spoon or some brand like that for nice stiff mounts.
Those prices aren't that bad,axles and mounts aren't to cheap though.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 3 2003, 07:55 AM
axels- $100 at autozone
mounts- under 200 for oem, 350 for hasport

Still it would put you at around $4100 with both axles,intermidate shaft and mounts.Still it's a good price,and they're a sponsor.
but it still does not include shipping but is am still probally going to go through them.
Originally posted by asmallsol@Feb 3 2003, 09:05 PM
but it still does not include shipping but is am still probally going to go through them.

None of the other places include shipping,so HR is still starting out ahead :D