B18C5 in a CRX

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Me and my friends are thinking about starting a project car for racing this summer. The car in mind is going to be a 88-89 CRX but the engine will have to be replaced. Has anyone here ever done a B18C5 swap into one of these babies. I have been trying to research this for the past three weeks and have found barely anyone who can help me at all. I know its possible but how hard is it. What parts on the CRX are going to need to be replaced. Which transmission do you recommend (cable or hydro) and will the hydro even fit. If anyone has any links to a page that can be used as a guide in this swap please give me the address. Or if anyone here is willing to answer any questions as i perform the swap or give me any useful hints or tips it would be greatly appreciated. I really need to find some solid information on how to do this swap before i get started so that i can get it done as fast as possible without running into any problems.

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first of all, the tranny is an issue. your car has a cable tranny and the c5's have hydro trannies. most engine dealers sell c5's as a complete changeover. you can also use a first gen b16/b17/b18 tranny but the condition may not be up to par with the c5. in otherwords, youll be munching through trannies like ritz crackers. an option would be to find a '92-'93 gsr tranny. it has better gearing for the c5. i just picked up an '88 crx si for a 1000 bucks and swapped in a first gen b18a. it hauls serious ass
even though its still stock. nitrous,slicks,good clutch,gut job- 13's here i come!!
everythign needs to be replaced. you are going from obd2 motor into an obd0 chassis.
a guy on hondatech did this into a 4th gen hatch- took him 2 months to figure out the wires. JUST the wires.
your chassis is cabel- use cabel, or else you need to get a conversion kit.

if you've never done a swap before, you are in for a lot more than you may think.
Thanks for your help. Ive been finding alot of good information out.

So far Ive figured out that im going to go with the hydro tranny. Its been done before so its not impossible. Everything is going to be replaced and AC will be left out along with anything else i decide i dont need. The ecu wiring will be probably the hardest part but i think that i know a few people who are good enough with electronics to figure it out. Becides that theres alot of good information on the internet for that. The cluster is going to be replaced too. Ill probably have to buy JDM unless someone here can tell me where they Sell the ITR gauge cluster used or new. The only questions i still have is will this swap require me to replace my stock SI axles with ITRs or just the CV boots. If im forgetting to mention anything please let me know. I figure the more thorough i can be in planning the swap the better off i am when it comes time to actually turn a wrench. That way i wont be cursing because the motor wont turn over or the clutches master cylinder wont mount.

Thanks for all your help

Your whole axles are going to have to go.The B series use a three piece,but not to worry because most swaps come with them.I doubt a itr gauge cluster will fit.Your going to need a mount kit from say,Hasport or Place.prepare to be cursing a lot.