B18C5 Type-R fitment?

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Okay, before all of you get down on me about being a newbie, I've done some searching and the information that I have come up with so far has been nothing but contradictory.

My brother is giving me his wrecked 2000 Acura Integra Type-R (NOT GS-R) and it was number 488 of 500. He waited nearly a year after ordering the car to get it, so I know this is the REAL deal.

What my intentions with the car are I want to pull the motor and swap it into a civic. I'm currently a prelude fanatic so I do not know that much about civics. What I am trying to figure out is:

If I decide to get a 96-97 civic, what will I need?


If I decide to get a 98-00 civic, what will I need, and must it be the Si?

Thus far all I can come up with for a definite answer is that I'll need a Del Sol AC bracket to retain the ac compressor. But, some people say I need a 96-97 bracket, some say I need a 98-00 bracket. And Other people say I'll need one civic Si mount and others say two.

Can somebody who has done this swap or KNOWS what they are talking about PLEASE clarify?
2 mounts from the si- rear and driver side
tranny mount - teg or the civic si

ac = del sol bracket.

96/97 are no different than 98-00 mount wise... just some wiring changes.

personally, i'd go with a 92-95 and run the motor obd1.
Now that I've done a little bit more looking, I think I am interested in a 92-95 body. A sick little hatch, might you say. Obviously I'd have to convert it OBD1-OBD2... but what else? Axles, mounts, A/C, do I need to get a cable tranny? Please somebody tell me that the 92-95's come with hydraulic clutches!
No one likes you because your brother had a Type R.

If I were you, I wouldn't ruin that motor by putting it into a POS civic. I would swap it into an ES Integra (the cheapest one with no ABS, no sunroof, etc.) since the engine already fits no problem, all the mounts are there. Just swap the ECU, use the AC from the old type R, etc.
Damnit. I'm swappin it into a 92-95 civic. I thought there was mad love in the honda community... I guess that only exists in the prelude world. Not the civic world.
Ignore him. 92-95 hatch will work fine with the hydro trans. (they came that way) Others on here are actually knowlegable and helpful.

AC is easiest with the d-series stock componants that come in the 92-95, just need a different bracket, I believe comes from either a del-sol or CRV.

Should be a VERY nice swap when you get it done.
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with the 92-95 civic.. all the mounts from the type r will bolt on.. use the axles from the type r.. basically a bolt on.. except wiring.. and with the a/c.. use all the parts from the civic.. and use a94-95 delsol bracket.. or crv bracket..

if you were to go with the 96+.. i'd go with the 99-00 civic.. keep it obd2b.. using the civic harness.. you will need 2 mounts from a 99-00 si.. driver side upper mount.. and rear tranny mount.. with a/c.. its the same as 92-95..
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really not much more i can add, sorry i missed this topic the first time around.