B18c5 Valvetrain

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I'm interested in trying to get a b18c5 and eventually modifying the internals. I'm looking at Toda and Skunk 2 parts and I am leaning towards Toda. I live in california and my question is, does anyone know how these parts would do in this hell hole's strict emission testing procedures? And if i can legally run the Toda or Skunk 2 camshafts (w/ necessary parts), what is the highest level I can run as far as Skunk 2 stage 2's or Toda spec b's? Any input wanted because I have no idea about the answer to these questions. Thanx.
Unless it went through recently, the Skunk2 cams are not CARB approved. I have no idea about the Todas.
True, thats a good question, I wouldn't be worried about passing the visual inspection. I'm worried about how much crap is going to be coming out of the tailpipes. :lol: Lol, I didn't really think anyone would have really informative answers from experience but I don't know where else to ask. If you know anything though, help me out. Thanx
The SKunk2 Stage 1 and 2 cams do not change the low lobe much if at all, so if I were to take my car with Skunk2 Stage 2 cams to get an emmisions test where I used to lve they would see no difference between those cams and stock cams. Because in CO ( here in Las Cruces there are no emissions laws :p ) they don't rev your car past 3500-4000 so no VTEC. If they rev your car all the way out in CA then they will notice a difference. I am not sure how much. If they don't then you should be fine.
Then there is no way they would know if you are running Skunk2 Stage 1 or 2.