B20 And B18b Motors

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what are the major differences between the b20b (or Z?) and the b18b LS? Its seems that a 2.0L would be even better for Turbo then a 1.8L. I'm only asking b/c its seems that the b18B is more popular, is it b/c the B18b is cheaper, easier to find or are the internals better? :blink:


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If your boosting and dont have the money to redue the internals...Then I would go B18B1. The B20 has issues with weak cylinder walls when boost is applied. Use the search button and find some answers.


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B20 is way cheaper than a B18 at most places. A B20 shouldnt run anymore than $900 for a engine. I like the B20, it is different and they are starting to make a lot more products for it.


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i'm planning on doing a b18 or b20 swap plus turbo in less then 2 years, and i was wandering does the b20 have less compression, and there both non vtec right