B20 Long Block Swap

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Me, just being a curious bastard and looking at my engine supplier's list, was wondering how a b20 long block (non Vtec) would work in a 4th Gen. Civic. I figure it's gotta have the same low-end torque with about 40 less HP and horrible top end. If your wondering why I would do this, you must be a dumb ass! No just kidding, This swap would be an intermeddiate step between stock and b20Vtec and low end torque is always good (even if it is lower HP and poor upper RPM's) Id' make the modifications to the block and plug up the holes so I could just swap heads when I finally get it. Mainly allthis crap I'm writing is just because I'm poor.
Well the b20vtec that everyone talks about is not just a b20 bottom end and a vtec head, you have to totally rebuild the engine because the bottom end can not withstand high compression and high revs. You ended your post by saying your poor as hell (somewhere in those lines) The b20vtec is a very expensive swap and would only recomend it if you have the cash to back it up. If you want something that you can later go turbo on, get the b18a or the sirI. It is alot cheaper that way. Plus your going from obd(2?) to obdO which means a decent amount of wiring.
you don't HAVE to, but it wont last for shit if you don't build it to handel it.

you will need to do an odb1 conversion for ease of wiring....
I know all this sh!t already about the b20/vtec swap. What I was wondering was how a b20 longblock would perform and if any one has done it.
It's not the car that's the problem. It's the truck-pulling drivetrain that is the problem. It is designed to rev low and pull around an economy SUV which will be driven mildly on the streets by new families. It is NOT designed to hot rod around in a Civic. The reason a B20/VTEC is so popular is that its valvetrain is designed to withstand high revs (as is often the case with the bottom end). Unless you want to drive your car like an SUV for a while, don't bother with a B20 until you can afford the whole shabang. Because you know you'll run the shit out of that thing once it's in there.
that has to be the STUPIDEST post i've ever heard in my life. in fact, i think i'm now stupider for hearing it. it's not the motor thats the problem in the cr-v. it's the transmission. he WONT be using a cr-v tranny, he cant. not unless he does a ton of fabricating. what he can use is any other B series tranny. you put that b20 in your civic and get a gsr tranny, and you'll be spanking SI's. the b20 swap is much faster than the b16 swap. ask kaotic, he's got it in his sol, which was previously a b16 sol...and he says it's much faster now. on top of that, the b20 has much more potential later for sprayin or boosting, althought you will have to build the block for any of that, as with any other motor.
Originally posted by sk8rmike@Jan 5 2003, 03:26 PM
do you have internal work done?

not yet, just itr tranny, itr tb and intake, cai, thermal exhaust and hondata if memory serves me right.

He is going to put itr and ctr cams in there soon.
kaotic's b20 swap was the b20z i believe. the 142 hp one. he's using an LS intake/exhaust mani, and an intake i think, and he's putting down 160 hp to the wheels, plus an extra 20 ft/lb's of torque throught the entire rpm range. which sol do you think is going to win, b16 or b20 there?

if you've raced the 125 hp b20'd sols...then i could see you smoking them...
and when i said extra 20 ft/lb's of torque, i meant over the b16.
I agree. With the built bottom end torque and some minor mods (like I/H/E) thats gotta be a relativly fast car. 'Nuff said.

P.S. Is this guy with the Sol on these forums, if not can I get his e-mail?
he goes by kaotic

you can find him sometimes on darksol.com...
but more often you'll see him on hondahookup.com in the del sol forums

not sure if he posts on honda-tech.com. i think he said he does, but im not there very much so wouldnt know.

his site is at...

gots all kinds of info on his swap there.