b20 swap but keep it auto in a 98 HX

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before you say any of that oh just 5speed swap it, no. i live in a city with lots of hills, traffic, potholes, and crappy drivers and honestly im not finding many people who have done this so why not.
i bought a crappy project and was always planning on swapping it to a b20 not a huge deal but i drive an hx so the problem comes up when we get to the tranny the hx was as you know built with a CVT tranny that is just not great, im trying to figure out a way to swap my sad D..Y1 to a B20 but im not sure about a few things. 1. what tranny should i put in that will fit and work but keep my car as an automatic. 2. What ecu should i be running 3. is this even possible or am i just a crazy teenager with too much money and time on her hands and should i just give up and just D..Y8 swap instead
Pretty sure you can use an ls integra (b18b1) auto trans. The mount bracket is the tricky item, and i forget off hand which one it is for the EK.
The ECU, you'll need to just use an auto p75 with an obd1 conversion harness, or even an obd2 version could work - but, i'm not sure about the trans lock up on those. Certainly not an expert an the automatic ecus.

The y8 will be easier as you can re-use the trans and mounts, but the b-series certainly is possible with a bit more effort.