B20b4 Block And B18c Head On A 94 Civ. Ex

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Will the ECU from a b20b4 block and b18c head work in a 94 Civic EX?



Senior Member
No, all CRV blocks are OBD2, that is if you are referring to the CRV ECU.

If you are talking about the GSR ecu, that depends on if it's OBD1 or OBD2. OBD1 will work, OBD2 will not.


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What ECU are you talking about? There was no stock B20 with a VTEC head. And no you do not need to rewire anything. Explain what you are doing to get better answers. A B20 will run with an LS ECU, they come in OBD1 and 2 variations.