B20b4 swap in ek idle problem help please!

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Hey guys so I swapped a good running b20b4 into my 99 ek checked compression 139 on all 4 cylinders new plugs cap rotor no vacuum leaks checked three times smoke tested and brake clean tested no cel revs out fine and perfect no cut out replaced ect sensor map sensor tps and it's calibrated to spec new intake gakset new injectors flow tested and checked timing three times!!! Dead on the money I've been working on this for three months please help lol Idk what else to do oh yeah the problem is at idle after warmed up idles at 750 and all the sudden just does out of know where but starts right back up Everytime and I also replaced iacv and fuel filter when it dies it acts like I turned the motor off it makes no sense!!! I've checked the harness grounds and cleaned them especially the thermostat housing ground still no luck I also replaced fuel pump with the crv fuel pump that the engine came out of and also adjusted valves to spec any ideas would be help thanks guys!!
Yea I know it is lol but it just randomly dies after it idles at 750 for a fee minutes after warm or if I drive it drives fine until I come to stop sign it will die when I go to neutral
It's basically acts almost like I shut the engine off it's weird
Ohh gotcha gotcha, well it being obd2 id plug a real diagnostic tool into it ex SnapOn where can pull live data graphing and look and see what freaks out when it dies, and generally it takes 50ish miles for readyness monitors to throw a cel code unless somethings like legit facked, what ecu are you usinf ?
Ahh then its a throw stuff at it game and go over everything for shorts/grounds
you cant load videos directly here you would need to put it to youtube or wherever first