Back Pain Eh?

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My back has been killing me lately. It would have a sharp spike in pain and the muscles would stop holding me up and I would almost fall. Yesterday was the last straw because it happened like 6 times in 3 hours... I started to get worried cause it never happened that often and over the past 2 weeks the fequency has been increasing. So i went to the doctor and they took X-rays and stuff but didn't see anything wrong with the spine. They said if i wanted a more indepth checkup i would need to visit my doctor (don't have one yet) and get an MRI. fun fun.. Only reason i am worried is if my legs became paralyzed or something.. (bye bye driving) I doubt that would happen though. But they gave me some Soma. So i am all nice and relaxed now with just one pill. but the pain still happens just not a frequently. Bleh.

in other news. found a bunch of computer crap and it is on ebay if anyone needs some spare server stuff or a printer or some cd players


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That sucks..I Have 2 herniated DIsks and im only 22y/o....
WHat pills do you take for the pain....I take diflunsial generic for DOLOBID 500 mg and i think flexeril for the back pain..ALl it does is relaxes your muscles and Knock you

Get an MRI done and they'll tell you exactly whats wrong with your back....I could be a muscle too...WHo knows :unsure:

I used to go to the chiropractor twice a week and noticed that all it was doing was making it worst..
My doctor told me to go to physical therapy or some shit like that but I haven't done it yet....

Awhile back i was playing in the L.Rwith my daughter a all of a sudden i could'nt get up from the floor...I was in pain, big time...I even cried that day, the shit was no joke...EVery time i took a breath it would hurt like crazy and then after about 5 minutes it just fu*king went away.... :huh: I dont know it was weird..I told my doctor and he just gave me more dont know....

He says if it keeps on boggin me they are going to have to do a surgery on me..BUt i heard from a couple of guys @ work that IF you want to take care of your wife in bed, not to get that surgery done...DAL WITH THE thats what Ive been


I ended up tearing a muscle in my left lower-back at work a few months ago, and it just recently started to get better. I don't know if you're just having spasms, or full-blown pain. For either of them, stretching is one of the key things to do - both your hamstrings, and your chest. Back pain is definately the worst.

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must be nice, muscle relaxers don't really work on my, but then agian I took 3 vikes once and.... nothing! I think my tolerence is to high...