bad distirbutor?

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New Member
hey guys do any of you know if a bad distributor would cause and engine to loss power? like if a ignition coil was going bad would it cause the engine to loss power?
well the car is use to go over 3000 rpm but here lately it wong go over too it just losses power
limp mode if you mean barly go and and jerky yes, just tryed to start car and it wont start, so i ohmed the sensors in the distributor and two out of three are good meaning there above 350 ohms is what the manual says is in spec but one read 338 and its the crank sensor determines timing for fuel injection and ignition of each cylinder and also detects rpm. so i think that might be what was causeing my cut out and loss of power, ill be replacing my distributor soon so ill let you guys know how that gose