Barack Obama Coin Set

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i would love nothing more than to knock the hell out of those ppl that make such shit or promote it
You have to admit it's brilliant. People are going to buy the shit out of that. Obama is everyone's hero now, he's gonna fix everything, blah, blah. Anything with his mug and/or name on it is a money maker.

I'm not one of the idiots that will buy this crap.
its a good idea to make money.. but fuck that.
seriously, they put obamas monkey lookin face next to truly great presidents?
talk about a big fucking head..
I was telling B about this a few weeks ago.

looks to me like they took a normal coin and placed a sticker over top of it, now it's worth 20 bucks.
it doesnt even look good, no matter who it is.
coins are not meant to be colored.
pun not intended.
One of my customers gave me a watch with a picture of Obama printed on the face. He wholesales the watches, along with other promotional pieces and he just made a fortune after the results were announced.

Another one of my customers is contracted with the New York Times and has historic copies of the newspapers, as well as reprints of historic originals. His freight bills were rolling at around $9,000/week just from shipping those books. Each book retails for $99 and costs anywhere from $5-10 to ship.

You do the math. Obama carried two of these businesses.
They're only redeemable towards the purchase of 20 inch rims.
There is a limited edition Spider Man comic coming about next Wednesday that includes Obama. I may be a couple copies and finance my sons college fund in a few years. Maybe not, Obama may be in his 5th or 6th term by them..... So it wont be worth as much.
Did anyone watch the news yesterday? They were talking about how Michelle Obama is a bright light in the downed economy for fashion designers. She wore some black and white dress on "The View" and plugged the name of the store she got it at. Three days later they interviewed the store owner in Chicago, that dress was sold out in 2 hours and they have hundreds on backorder now.

They're going to make money of the Obamas' one way or another.
Celebrate the new America!

All this Obama collectors item crap will go the way of beanie babies and pokemon cards. They'll only be worth money if they're rare, and all the colored folk will eat this shit up like grape flavored watermelons stuffed with chicken.
and cornbread koolaid.

coins are not meant to be colored!

the funny thing is, soon, these may be totally worthless.. besides their collectors value.
you know, the whole ameros thing..
what it comes down to is,this is bullshit,a whole bunch of shit is going to cange just because we got a black president??
lets throw a damn party:mellow:
we wont be able to afford a damn thing,electric,water,food,gas,etc. but you damn well know so many ppl will buy their colored coins