Basic Ignition Setup?

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ok i have a mini-me swap in an 88 civic hatch dx, and i wanted to add an msd ignition but i seen so many different setups (ignition is the only thing i haven't done yet) i was wondering what i would need for a basic setup like the 5 plug cap with a blaster ss coil or what. could i just use the msd cap with a blaster coil, or do i need more. keep in mind i can't really just drop alot of cash and have a garage do it so i have a budget thanks alot.
i have a question about that setup also, do you need a coil with a ballast resistor?

so which one?

blaster3 with ballast resistor:


blaster2 without ballast resistor:

anyone know?
You don't really need an Ignition "upgrade". The stock Honda ignition is good for 99% of engine builds.
yes, but here's my dilema, i have a bad ignition coil.

Brand New OEM coil: $110.

A MSD Cap for external coil: $40
A MSD External Coil: $50
Total Aftermarket Setup: $90 plus or minus a few dollars.

so you are getting better performance for less money. i would be crazy not go with the MSD setup.
A friend of mine had that exact same reasoning until he couldn't get the car running well. He kept having random ignition problems. He spent the $110 for the Honda coil and the problems went away. I am not saying that the MSD products are crap, this is the only incident I have heard of. But it does make a good case for OEM parts.

Also, A D series ignition coil from is $63.11 + shipping. Far cheaper than the MSD setup.