beep beep new toyota ft-ev

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When will the auto manufacturers stop being idiots and increase the fucking range of their electric cars?
Toyota has a good thing going with the prius. Its ugly as holy hell, but the foundation is in place for something amazing. If you've ever driven a prius, its pretty nice to drive. Feels like a normal car, and actually moves pretty quick when you stomp on it, unlike the gas only vehicles knocking on 50+mpg.. (old school geo metros, crx hf, etc) More efficient gas and electric motors, better batteries, etc.. They will soon be cranking out 100mpg. Hybrids will be the "new" thing for a good while longer, until someone re-invents the battery to something with way way more efficiency and capacity.
I'm sure they'll squeeze every drop of oil that is economically feasible to get to before they start producing non-oil based ways to produce power.