best motor for turbo?

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I'm going to get an engine swap and boost it with a small turbo(14g) and will be running like 10psi at the most...... I would like to know what the best engine for that kind of boost would be?
looking to spend no more than $5500 :blink:
5500 complete motor + turbo, ls is really the only option. anythign else, you will break the budget.

but trust, its not a bad swap- see sig :)
cool thanks guys

will that be an easy swap into a 6th gen civic?? :blink:
if you get a 96-00 LS motor, it will drop right in with a couple easy mount changes.

Swap -> 6th gen
GSR ultimate power production
B16 budget high revs
LS budget torque

The B16 and GSR would require a decent tune to make good power reliably

LS can be tuned by a retard and last forever

all of the motors can make around 300whp on 93 octane with engine management and tuning. expect to make about 220-250 on FMU and BS tuning.

st00pid!! What's up man--- 'bout time you found us :)

FYI for those who don't know- st00pid is the man who tuned that LS/T hatch in SCC that i posted a link to a week or so ago...
I got a 96 spec JDM B18C type-r engine in a civic i was thinking of boosting it.

i know my engine is running at 10.8 compression... I will need to change
the pistons.. maybe 9:0.1 JE pistons?

what else should I look into? has anybody boosted a type-r?

first start your own thread for your own question that has nothign to do with this one.
2nd, do a search.. this was JUST talked about.
3rd, type r hav lik 11.1.1 compression, the 10.8 is gsr, if u dont kno that about ur engine good luck not blowing it wen u try to boost it

edit- sorry ur right usdm ITR r 10.8, jdm is 11.1 my bad