better or worse than DC2

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Lets see which one you all like more. I want a vote on the whole. not just engine on DC5 is better. Please consider all factors.

i had to lol :p
iVtec is better, its vtec with roller rockers, better head flow, and adjustable intake cam timing? hows that for your adjustable cam gears, hehe, adjust them on the fly... they need to design a stand alone system to take advantage of that
plus they are picking up 2digit whp with either an intake or exhaust on the RSX, doesnt that say something about the engine
its more around 180 with i/h/e and thats from the type s rsx
i gained 13 hp with my intake, 19 from my exhaust. 10 from each new cam, 31.32 with my hondata, 3 with the fpr, the header... must have been 12, taking off the cat... another 5-15, cam gears 4.7 each....

i've got maDDDDD HP yO!! lol