OH big d series parts list 45432 dayton

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ok heres a list stuff ive got these are basic prices without shipping would rather pickup but i can ship just let me know what you are interested in please email me at cablesnmoore@yahoo.com i will respond faster that way if you want specific pix pleas ask and tell me exactly what you want to see in the pic thanks first pay first served no holds
2 z6 vtec solenoids 30 each
2 y8 vtec solenoids 30 each
these all are vtec covers
2 valve covers Big honda on them one painted 30 each
1 with the honda emblem and honda under it painted 30
integra ls harness obd0 uncut at all 75
1 40/40 prop valves 20
3 88-89 si center caps getting hard to find make offers
these have tires on them but there not very good
set of 88-89 si rims 100
set of 90-91 si rims 100
hf axles both sides 1 300 miles on it the short one 50 for them both
2 td-42u z6 distributers 50 each
1 y8 stock 50
hf/standard exhaust manifold 35
90 dx exhaust mani and dpipe 20
z6 head for parts could be fixed 40
90 dx trans no grinds 75
90-91 si trans 175
88 tbar for the hood latch 20 no latch tho
1 set of 88-89 head lights 1 with holes in the top for strobes 40
2 radiator the full size ones 40
under dash ac condenser crx si 88 what ever its called dono 10
88-89 crx si dash and radio bezel 75
set of 88-89 crx tails
crx sunroof 40 did work dont know if it dose now
90 civic hatch rear side windows 25 each
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heres some pics i have more
the harness is a obd0 ls the cleacer trans is a 90-91 si the other one is a 5 seed dx the head with v cover is a y8 and the other one is the z6 thats apart and a crx si sunroof from a 88

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underneath it.....runs along the fire wall and goes out to the headlights and engine harness connectors. i need it, and its from an si or hf right?