Big Engine & Big Auto Trany For The Lx 90 Accord

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Hey ev1, i know im new but this sunday im buying my first car... a 1990 Accord LX
id loike some ideas on what to swap into it.
So far ive been thinking about putting a B16A or the integra R motor the B18
also, wonder which auto tranny is out there that could handle the most HP and TRQ that would fit.
but more or less just wondering whats the biggest and fastsest, and toughest stuff i cant put in there!?!!/
You don't want to drop a B-series in there. Not only do they not have enough torque to pull an Accord around, there's also the problem that the chassis is made to accept an H- or F-series engine.

Since you've already got an F22, think about a boosted H23 or a normally aspirated H22.

"Honda auto tranny" and "strong" don't go together.
get the h22 prelude has more torque than the b16 and you'll need it to push the accord....the b18c5 is a good motor the h22 is the best for that car because of the torque....the stock tranny will work but for the best tranny use the preludes auto tranny......
personally you should ditch that auto tranny, and swap over to manual.
Maasey: Do you think swapping to Manual transmission would be a little more hassle then it is worth. I checking into for my 90 accord and it seems to be a real B*tch.

I would have to say pass on the auto, and look for a car that is already a stick.