Big Mess please help

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Ok first off i have 2 civics 97 ex with d16z6 p2p ecu and a 95 ex with a lsvtec b18b/b16a2 p30 ecu well thats what i had before i decided to do the motor swap in each. a couple of my friends were sure it would be just a direct swap. but the obd1/obd2 problem came into play. we got everything pulled out. ready to go back in. my wiring harness on the dseries obd2 had a resistor box wired in because its built for a turbo. and in order to get the lsvtec to start we had to rewire it. well also all the plugs were different. vtec solenoid/distributor/alternator. thats all i believe. those had to be cut from the wiring harnesses because the bolt pattern for the distributor and alternator were different for the b series and d series. we did everything and my 97 which now has the lsvtec in it started once i turned it off, we had to pull the motor back out to get the rear motor mount in (they are a pain to work in with the motor dropped already). the 95 started right off and runs fine even now. back to the 97 we did all the dropped the motor back in and it wouldnt start. well come to find out it jumped timing somehow. we timed it got it running. when we finally pulled it out. it was very very sluggish like no acceleration at all and a bad bog Only in gear. in neutral it purrs like a kitten. the rpm's are bangin out at 5600 and just no power at all. it ran great before in the other car. also my tach was freakin out and the car ended up completely losing power. like the alternator went bad. it starts right up but only if i jump it off. battery will not keep a charge. if anyone actually read this novel and could please help. thank you very much i just want to drive my car again lol


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i read it all but cant really contribute, so i'll post so that there's at least still an unread for people who might know to click on it. good luck dude.