Big problem please help

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It all started yesterday. I was replacing my radiator on the hatch, that all went fine but when I closed my hood it sounded kind of diffrent than it usually does, so today I go to check my coolant and my hood wont open. There is a little more slack than usual in my hood release but it doesn't feel like the cale is broken. I tried pulling the cable with a pair of pliers but ti did not work. I also took off the release lever and tried pulling that and that did not work either. Someone please help me I don't want to get boned at the dealership for this. Thanks for anything anyone can think of.


You should be able to go in from under the car to pop the hood or slide something in between your hood and bumper to move the latch. Just look at it really closely and you'll figure out how to pop the hood.
mine did the same for a day, didn't want to open, who knows, but i had some one pull the lever inside the car at the same time as i pulled the release lever under the hood, it worked for me, try it and see, sometimes the cable can get hooked up and get stuck. good luck