Biggest Air Box Fit

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Hey, whats the biggest air box you can put on a 98 civic ex, and a 94 civic ex.

I thought it was called a throttle body, my uncle said it was an air box.
It bolts to the intake manifold, and kinda looks like a clutch.
Nothing looks like a clutch on your car. You should have bought a fucking domestic man. You have the IM (and yes, Ford 5.0's have a 2 piece plentium (upper and lower) and Comp Cams has a air BOX that replaces the TOP portion of the plentum).. but this isn't a Ford 5.0 y0. You can get a Comptech "ice box".. it looks like a stock ait box, but flows a lot better.

The biggest diameter tubing you can use is a 3" Type R CAI, but you need the TB diameter to accept it.
Originally posted by thepester@Mar 19 2003, 11:09 PM
I think what im thinking about is a throttle body.
It sits between the CAI and the Intake manifold...

Yes that is the TB, also, since they are into domestics. The newer domestics MAF sensors are in between the air filter and the TB. So they could be what they were talking about. All the MAF is a sensor that tells the computer how much and how dense the air is.