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Yea nothing here either. Didn't find what I wanted online. Stores suck.
Can't you hook the switch up to a TV and play it like a console? Or is the resolution still too low there too?
yes you can dock it, and it works ok. but its like using 1024x768 when you're used to 1920x1080 . there is just not enough resolution for the real estate needed for a large table top simulator but YMMV. the switch works great on games made exclusively for it. civ6 is a port from PC to consoles... even the xb1 would do a better job ( i have other civ games there) . however when playing something like octopath traveler (another port), trials rising, pokemans, or literally any exclusive its fine.

personally i prefer to always use the switch docked however my wife sits on the couch with it for animal crossing and i would play octopath on the couch sometimes too.