Blowing Fuse

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Senior Member
I have an 89 Civic CRX HF and fuse #8 keeps blowing , which controls license lights, tail lights, and intrument cluster... it also controls marker lights, i went over a bump in the city and in the middle of the night the thing blows, no tail lights, lucky i made it hope with no cops behind me... i had a wire ran into the + side of the right marker light for my fog lights, but i unhooked that and made sure everything was hooked up and i blew it again... im not sure what it is, if you have info please help!!!
lookat your rear brake light wires, wear your rear you put in the bulbs and look for broken wires or corrosion around the sockets

prawjEKt Cx

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yeah i used to blow that fuse alot, what it ended up being was the 2 prongs in one of the bulbs in the rear light were touching eachother and was making it blow