Bmw745i + Windowsce = Crash (get It?)

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The BMW745i uses WindowsCE for a number of tasks, and it occasionally goes nuts. Here's a bunch of video clips showing off the possessed car:

Possessed BMW!

My favorite is the one of the RPMs going crazy on the highway.. Safety first! :)

The site is recovering from being slashdotted, so download times might be a little slow. Just goes to show how reliable and stable Microsoft products are. :)
"Your account is suspended, please contact support"

WTF is that all about? I want to see the crazy trunk :p
Aww man, looks like the guy went over his bandwidth limit... Slashdotting a little site like the one the videos were hosted on can be fatal :)

I know a couple people that might host the videos for a day or two, I'll see what I can do :)