Body kits and ground clearence

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Hey, i'm planning on getting a '94 vtec honda del sol. I want to get the invader body kit or something simiular, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to make it out of my yard. My dirt road is okay most of the year but during hurricane season it get some real nasty rutts and mudpuddles (i once had a friend suck water up his intake from one). If you guys can give me a page with info on the kits or if you own one please reply.



just a warning ... you will get no love for kits here ... id put on your flame suit if i was you
body kits basically suck. they're heavy, expensive, and don't fit correctly.

so in essence, you're making your car heavier, uglier, with less ground clearance. plus, you're spending about 1000 dollars on the kit and installation, along with another 1000 dollars on paint.

if you want more information on bodykits, visit a site like superhonda. personally, i can't see any benefits to a kit, and i can think of many other ways to spend money on your car.
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