Bogging At Low Throttle

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WRX Sellout
Hey everyone,

This weekend I finally got my car running right with no CEL. Changed out my O2 sensor, which was causing my code. I also fiddled with my cam gears a little bit, backed the exhaust gear to -1 and took the intake from 2 advanced to 4 advanced.

So, driving to work this morning, I had a problem where, in 4th or 5th gears, if I was pushing on the gas pedal a little, it felt like the engine was bogging. Then, if I stomped it real hard, the engine felt like it went right back to full power. It mostly happened in 4th, but happened a couple of times in 3rd and 5th.

My distributor is timed off my exhaust cam. I didn't check my ignition timing since I'm too poor to own a gun right now. The plugs are almost new, as are the plug wires and the distributor parts. My only thoughts are that the throttle plate may be sticking, my injectors/plugs may be clogged/fouled because I was running so rich without the O2 sensor, or that my ignition timing is off. Like I said, I only advanced my exhaust 1 degree, which shouldn't cause me too many problems since I was running the stock 18 degrees advanced before messing with my gears.

Thoughts? Comments? Thanks in advance.
You distributor is timed off you exhaust cam, not your intake. So when you moved the exhaust cam up you advanced you ignition. Possibily too far, I would move the exhaust cam back until you have the tools to retime your ignition.
Ahhh yes, you're right, I'm a dumbass. Original post edited

Anyway, like I said, I only moved the cam gear 1/2 a tick (1 degree of ignition timing). I just have a hard time thinking that it would cause me those kinds of trouble.

Guess I'm buying a timing gun in the next few days. :( ----> $$$$
1 degree of ignition timing can make a huge difference. Try moving the exhast back and see if the problem goes away. That is where I would start.