Boost Timing Controller?

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Senior Member
How Jackson Racing Boost timing controller works?
I mean what does it do? And do I need to have one if I will use Jackson Racing Supercharger?
I dont know how the jackson works.But i have a msd BTM it retards the timing as you build boost to decreas chance of detenation.The msd has a knob that you mount in the car to adjust how much you want to take out.If you want it ill sell it for $70 shipped.
Huh i will probably buy Jackson Racing one cuz it will work better with Jackson Racing supercharger. I think it will.
This thing is just for controling how much PCI I want for supercharger to deliver?
And all you doing is just choosing how much u want? (what about AIR-GAS ratio is it automaticly changes when you changing PCI?)