Boosted Y8 or B16A2 si?

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One of my buddies has a 99 SI with low miles and is pretty much a cream puff in perfect was owned by an older doctor who just drove it to work and babied it, my friend bought it and installed an AEM cold air and a short throw shifter. hes looking to sell soon, would it be a better idea to sell my 97 ex with intake, header and exhaust and buy his car or boost mine with a jackson racing supercharger :D?


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personally, i would rather have a stressed out, stock, hi performance engine like a b16 that loves revs and was built to withstand it, than a stressed out boosted engine that is making very similar numbers performance whise, but was not built to withstand it.

Sidenote, i know a guy who has blown 4, yes 4 Y8's in his turbo coupe. the last 2 times with stronger internals. My B16 has 122K without even a puff of oil smoke. There is something to be said for factory reliability.