Boosting With Stock Electronics?

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My buddy and I swapped a b16 into his 4th gen Civic hatch with a few bolt ons. Fun car, good performance, but we're ready for more. We have a nice turbo setup planned out. We going to use a T3, and want to run about 10psi. Is this modest enough for daily driving? The only thing we don't know about is the electronics. Is the stock MAP and ECM going to recognize 10-15psi? :unsure: Or do we have to make for modifications. This is relativaly low budget and we want to avoid moving to a stand alone FI system.
stock ECU will not read more than 2 psi without throwing codes.
honda map sensors wont read above 11 psi with out throwing codes.

you need both a missing link and a GM 2- or 3-bar map sensor.


aem/hondata and a 2- or 3-bar map

and i recommend the aem you run anyway.
:spin: :spin: Hey pissedoff that GM 2- or 3-bar map sensor your talking about, what are the disadvantages if there are some and how do we find the one that fits our civic. I have a 97 delsol dohc.
Ok, so a new map is in order. What do you mean 'missing link', and is the hondata an ECU mod?
a hondata is a standalone ecu system ( its fully customizable, works basically the same way an aem does.

The 3-bar map sensor from GM will fit any year honda 88-00, should just bolt on. The advantages of it are it will read up to 3 Bars (~44.1 psi) while the stock honda sensor can only read up to 11-12psi

what do you mean a GM map sensor.... i'm confuesd aare you talking about GM As in General motors?????? what the fuck would they need a 3 bar map sensor for? or goes GM stand for somthing else
yes, gm as in general motors. I'm assuming they make them because most of their parts are interchangeable just like all other companies, and well, some cars came boosted from the factory (GN, T-Type, Typhoon, Syclone etc etc) and needed a higher map sensor to accomodate for boost heads :)

and most people dont know, but gm and honda go back actually sold some engines to gm, and vice if you see a 8 cyl honda coming out soon...its a gm engine :)
yup- its an OEM chevy/buick map sensor... aka General Motors

a missing link simple tricks the ecu into reading that its not getting boost so it wont throw a code- but if you go over 11psi, the map sensor won't know what the fuck to do, so it throws a code anyway, thus putting you in closed loop and crappy performance
Ok, I checked out hondata. It's a pretty trick system, but I don't think we need for our application. This is a mild setup that we want to make streetable and reliable. I have a GM MAP around actually (thought it went out on my LT1 260z, see my needed to be updated website), so for the missing link, do I need a resistor or relay, or simply cut the wire? and will the computer know to give it more fuel with just the MAP and the missing link?