boring throttle body techniques

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would it work if u used sand paper to sand out a couple a mm off tha throttle body without even takin it out?
cuz thats wut im doin rite now.....i dunno if i should continue doing so
Take that thing off the car and do it right.Your risking getting a lot of crap sucked into your motor.
That's true, it doesn't take that much time to take it off anyways. All that stuff will get sucked in the manifold.
yea it will end up looking like an elipse rather than a circle and you will suck a ton of shit into the intake manifold.

i hope you aren't touching the area that the throttle blade snaps closed on because then you won't be able to hold idle.. it'll be one big vacuum leak... and it wont do anything anyways if you dont bore out the area of the Throttle blade... so all in all...

one big waste of time.
throw it out, and next time don't be a retard and ask first!!! not after
if he sends it in, they can fix the bore right? by boring it out more? then he should be ok, and have a professionally bored tb..
If he was using sandpaper though,unless he really got after it he probably didn't get to far into the metal,then again who knows.