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93 4door lx, when i come to a stop i can take my foot off the brakes and they still stay locked a little, if i'm on a hill it will then roll. i have tryed bleeding the brakes,new pad and rotors. it's like they are holding vacuum or the piston on the caliper is sticking? any ideas? i thought about putting some brake duct fans in, like NASCAR but i was worried i would only be able to go left!:mullet:who's your driver!!!!!!!! (sorry for the rant)
Well my driver is Mark Martin hha lmao... but in short have u tested ya Vacum lines??? Your break boster could have shit the bed :(
with the engine running, intermittently spray the booster and vacuum lines with carb cleaner , if ur engine surges, you've found ur leak. if ur ride isn't pulling left or right its prob ur master cylinder, if it does pull, then prob a piston in one of ur calipers.
how many miles are on your car? if u changed pads and rotors and all the calipers turned in/ pushed in nice then i would check the caliper slides for rust build up. if they all slide smoothly, move on to your rubber lines. Pump up the pedal a few times till its nice and hard, then crack a bleeder free. If the fluid comes squirting out like its under pressure, you have a bad line. Repeat this at all 4 corners. If neither of those are you issue, check your ebrake cables are not hung up or stuck, all the way up to the handle. Also check for broken hardware in the drums, over adjusted shoes or frozen wheel cylinders. After all that stuff checks out, then i would start to look into the master/ booster. Not too many honda master/ boosters shit the bed very ofter.