**BRAND NEW** AutoMeter Guage

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I have a brand new never been used AutoMeter Ultralite Boost Guage i dont have the box for it but i have all the hardware that comes with it. Im asking 35 plus shipping or best offer. Let me know if you want it and i can get a pci for if its necessary.
Ill let him know tomarrow that your interested, he's one of my friends and has no computer at his house.

So there are the pics of the guage as you can see its all there man besides the box.Just let me know if you want just write back on the forum and if it takes to long just call my cell its 540 303 2479 thanks man
I got the money. Let me know if you accept paypal or money order. If so give me a address. Thanks
Just called him, probably send paypal to me, we will figure out shipping, pm me your address, and we will get back to you later today if paypal payment is sent.
EDIT: *400* lol
fragileversion, u have first dibs since u posted first, as we had not heard from you, but pm me your address, and if payment is sent to my paypal account, after we figure out shipping, then it should be sent out tomarrow. devin aka pitchblackb16 has no computer or paypal address, so that's why i stepped in and took pics and such.