building Ls turbo motor/ All motor break-in.....need some help

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i think there are four wires 2blacks, 1 brown/black stripe and black/red stripe.
Another question......did I mess something up when I crank the motor when the thermostat housing ground was grounded at the starter?

What can happen if I crank the motor to try to start it too much??? Its a fully rebuild b18b1 nd was never run yet......I'm tryin to start it.

Also deres a yellow with red stripe wire dat is just sticking out of the harness, I think its the wire for the oil sender unit or something, can somebody let me kno.......

And the fan switch wire is cut so I have to wire the fan direct connect, can I somehow wired the fan switch back on, I hate hearing the fan stay on once the key is turn to on

sorry for asking a lot of questions

Thanks again
btw how many major ground is there on the engine itself?, can somebody show me a place to find where they at? i have a 93 civic hatch wit a b18b1swap

i think there is 5 major ground......

i have the battery to ground , tranny to ground, valve cover to ground, and the thermostat housing ground that comes out the wire harness grounded (ecu ground and couple other stuff need to be varified) but where is the last 1 if there is a last 1????
i think there are four wires 2blacks, 1 brown/black stripe and black/red stripe.

appreciate your help but i found those wires already and im good wit that,

i confirmed the wires from my harness to my boyz harness.....thermostat housing ground is the starting problem...damm haha
would a blown fuse cause my car to not start?????

its a 7.5 amp fuse, its under the hood in the fuse box, it says BACK UP on it???? would this be stopping my car from starting?

damn i do have alot of questions......