Bum fights???

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Hahah those dudes live by me, they are from La Mesa, which is just east of San Diego. They just got arrested for it, and are in court trying to fight it. That shiz is funny though!
have u all seent that video by the jackass people called Steve O it is funny and sick.....ie he staples his nut sack to he thigh, if u like jackass u will like this
ever see the cky videos? they have the poeple from jackass on em! some really funny shit!


Originally posted by paragus@Sep 30 2002, 05:27 PM
the cky videos are funny as hell..and steve-o staples his nuts to his legs all the time..he did it on the howard stern show once.

now what dumbfuck said, "hey, i'm gunna staple my nuts to my leg, that would be pretty funny"