cable\ hydro probs.

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turning car into manual and need help?
wondering if my 88 crx tranny will work perfectly with
94 delsol si automatic both complete cars can i just swap the trannys
um you waited for less than 20 mins and started bitching? tool.

No it won't work--the 88 Civic is a cable trans and the sol is hydraulic. Unless you plan to take ALL of the stuff from the cable clutch and put it into the hydro, don't bet on it.
His sol is automatic,if you use,like he said all the parts then maybe,but don't be surprised if it isn't all you hoped for,and it is going to be a pain in the ass.IF it was ME i'd sell them both and buy a manual.Because if later on you decide to upgrade the motor to a B or something then your going to have to install a whole new clutch system.
ok not going to sell my delsol ive got to much money in it already ,but if i start telling u why this one guy gets pissed on the forum and anyway nevermind. hes all engine no looks..ive got one of those i could put itin any mag. but i personally am not happy with an sohc v-tec unless i can make it bad ass any help is appreciated. So what would be the best thing could I by a wrecked delsol and do it that way or just buy a 5pd transmission? and what would be the best swap b18 ro d16? not into the h22 thing to much work for a del sol or so ive been told? ;)