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Ok, here's the deal, let's see if anyone can help...Right now, I have two computers in one room with a cable modem and a router, I want to move my computer into my room, but I only have one cable jack going from the wall to my tv. Is there a splitter I can get, or do I have to put another cable jack in the wall? I want to have my TV, Computer with cable modem, and XBox Live when it comes out all in my room. With the XBox, it uses broadband, since I already have the router, that is no prob. Goddamnit, I HATE WIRING SHIT!

EDIT* : Now I look like a dipshit because I misspelled my topic title!
just run the wire from the router to your computer... thats about it
The computer and my router span the distance of about 80 feet, total opposite sides of the house.
why is it way over there?