Camber after lowering, and informative.

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I see alot of camber questions about lowering, and alot of false info, So I am posting my information to clear up some rumors about camber, and camber kits.

I dropped my CRX 1.8/2.0 inches with neuspeed springs.. with a b18a sitting in the bay, and starting with good camber, here are the readings.

specified is factory recommended
Actual is what my car was reading after the drop and swap.

CAMBER READINGS: Taken by a professional alignment shop. Of course, all cars are not the same, and yours might be different, but this just shows what happens when you lower your car, and what you can expect in therms of camber adjustment.

Front Left
Specified: -1.0 to 1.0 degrees
Acutal: -2.2 degrees

Front Right
Specified: -1.0 to 1.0
Actual: -2.0

Rear Left
Specified: -1.4 to .6
Actual: .9

Rear Right
Specified: -1.4 to .6
Actual: .9

So, the front has too much camber and will need to be corrected with a camber kit. The rear is just fine.

I must disagree with the people who say that a 2 inch drop does not require a camber kit.


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ditto 2 inch drop or more DOES need a camber kit ive said that ever since I been on here car is dropped like 3 inches and my camber is FUCKED just put my camber kit on and waiting to get it aligned!!