camshaft question

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So I bought a zex/comp cams and installed it in my z6. The car ran for about 50 miles then I changed the head( ported polished, valve job). After everything was done, I went to turn the engine over and I heard a loud crackling sound and sure enough the engine wont start. I looked at everything and it turned out that the cam was broke at the end were the distributor goes. Now before you say that I installed the dizzy the wrong way, From my experience and talking with other people, the distributor only goes in one way if you put it the other way it does not sit flush into the head as oppossed to the correct way. So I took out the broken cam and put in my stock one and everything works fine.

So I sent in the cam to comp cams and the warranty guy tells me that the offset was wrong on the distributor going into the cam when I installed it and thats why it broke. He said that even a little bit of offset can cause that kind of damage. I told him that I have never experienced or heard of this since the distributor can only go in one way. I also told him that the old cam worked fine when I reinstalled he said that it doesnt change the fact that the offset may have been wrong. However, he is sending me a new cam and says if it happens again it wont be covered under their warranty.

My question is, what truth is there to his argument, has anyone had such an experience and what prcautions do I need to take to ensure this does not happen again.


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Who cares, he is sending you a new one. It's probably just their way of not admitting they gave you a sub par camshaft. If you used the exact same kind of head, and exact same distributor, you should've been fine, and there is only one way to install the distributor, you are correct. I'm surprised you didn't break the distibutor. Honda parts = super strength.


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Yeah, I don't know what the fuck he's talking about either....

Comp/Zex has been striking out all over the place lately. :(


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my buddy's z6 did the same thing, just that it just chipped. we sent it back and got a refund. i'm not so sure about the comp/zex, but i am a proud fan of skunk2 and always will be. they never failed on me. My daily driven GSR hatch that got totalled and my racer CRX GSR is a good example of skunk2 quality.


thank you, I knew it was BS. I'm just happy they are sending me another one I just hope that lightning doesnt strike twice.