Can a Stock F23a Vtec handle 10 psi

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Ok heres the deal, I have an F23a1 Vtec engine! I have an F-max turbo kit on it with 2 additional injectors and a MSD BTM so I can retard my timing if needed! Also I have a 2.5" catback! What I am wondering is does anyone else run 10 psi on this engine or do you think its too much, with proper tuning that is! I have talked to many people who said with proper tuning that would be fine but I just want to check and see if anyone else runs that high on stock internals! Also the car is running rich since I am at high elevation so do you think getting it fined tuned will make a noticable difference! Sport Compact wrote an article and said even the weakest honda engines (d-series) can handle 8-10psi do you think this is true! My engine has a low compression ratio of only 9.3:1
with all that said, and ur low compression ratio i would still say no dont boost over 7-8 psi. its just not worth it, just upgrade ur internals, pistions, rings, etc. and then u can hav some more confidence in wether or not to boost above 7-8psi. u get out what u put in, so dont cut any short cuts in my opinion...
Ya, I finally found Rods for my car, so by Feb. I plan on having the rods and pistons! Think I will be safe running 12-15 psi on stock cylinder walls! I'm thinking of running about 14 but don't really want to get it re-sleeved since I don't really plan on going any higher than that!
it depends on the turbo size.

6 psi off a 14g vs 6 psi off a t4 60-1 is a HELL of a difference in potential power output.
Right- and forged or not, that will need to be intercooled if you want that kind of boost. I can't remember if F-max includes one.
FMax comes with a Spearco Core intercooler but it has FMax end tanks
Fmax comes with a T3/T4 turbo if done right you should not boost more then 11-12 or so PSI even with a fully built motor becuase you will not have fuel

do yourdself a BIG faver and ditch the 2 extra fuelinjectors get yourself some "depending on what power goals you have" 440-720cc injectors and a Hondata setup
with 440s I maxed my fuel out at 13-14PSI also just so you know the Fmax downpipe at the flange where it meets the cat is VERY VERY VERY SMALL!!!! its the one part of the kit I hate you sohuld also get yourself an open dumptube

and 10PSI on a stock engine is fine as long as its tuned and in good running cond if its an older engine then don't do it but if its 50K or less miles have fun
JUST GET IT TUNED FIRST! remember that means dyno time not just some one changing the fuel settings around while you drive it down the road
"yes I know many people who do that"
unless you know fully what your doing its just asking for it
Well thanks for the help, as for the dump tube I am going to dump it out the side with a motorcyle muffler to quite it down. I noticed the small part of the down pipe also. As for the fuel though with my altitude(very high) the fuel system should be good to atleast 15 psi. I am considering the Hondata I just hate to take out the parts I just installed. I know that with the Hondata I wil get more power. MY Mechanic is running the Drag kit and using a Vortec rising rate regulator and has gone up to 16 psi with no problems and he hasn't even do any dyno tuning, just the old seat of the pants tuning. Any idea's what the Hondata will cost on an OBD 2 car.
my friends car put down 260WHP with in seat tuning at the same PSI he put down 314WHP after doing dyno tuning nuff said?

also if you go to a open dump tube DO NOT PUT A MUFFLER ON IT! your killing the whole point of it being a OPEN dump tube besides its one of the best car sounds you will ever hear

p.s turbos have bad names for blowing engines up becuase people can't tune them right get your friend to dyno it and then have some one else tune it on the dyno I would love to see how close he is to the dyno tuned #s
whatever you do- throw out that deltagate wastegate if you have one. get a tial