Can Anyone Read Japanese?

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I have a screen shot of a game that I cant get to work can anyone translate it and tell me why it doesnt work? thx

In all seriousness, it says "Error, this user is a fucktard"
well??? Am I Right???
I used to get an error message like that on my playstation, when i would try and play a japanese game. The game would detect my mod chip and that is kinda what the message looked like. I solved it by upgrading my mod chip. I really have no clue what it really says i was just taking a stabin the dark on it. I think it is some kind of error message.
"wrong region code,make tummy hurt"
Originally posted by asmallsol@Jan 23 2003, 05:42 PM
it almost looks like it is chinesse but i could be wrong because i suck at anything other than english

It's definatly Japanese.

Chinese / Cantonese do not use so many rounded characters.
Plus I recognise some of the characters from other Japanese things I have seen.

(International Relations major w/ focus on East Asian Economics.)
In about a year I start Japanese to fulfil my foreign language requirement :(
Would like to take it now heh, must learn...
well not sure wut context it came from but it says that something is finished and that u need to change the internals or the thing inside.

technically it is part chinese and part japanese. for example the first 4 are originally chinese charaters. japanese utilizes many of the chinese characters in its written language. also uses 3 different sets of alphabet as well if u include roman letters. ok enough history of language talk