Can I do it myself ?

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I'm going to be pulling my D16Y8 out and putting in a new one. I blew the old one up and now I need my car back. Do you think I can do this myself ? I have never worked on engines or done a swap. The most I've done to my engine is put on an intake. What should I do, if I do it myself, I could save about $500 for the labor !!!
if you pay attention to where shit goes (mark stuff off, masking tape and a marker are your friends) and i would suggest having a manual Helms preferably but the others will be helpfull as well... it shouldnt be too hard... i highly suggest having a friend or two around to help you though (preferably ones with some kind of under the hood experience)
around $60

A direct replacement is VERY easy with one of these manuals or a person who knows a little about what they are doing. It is basically unplug everything, take out the old one, put in the new one, plug everything back up to the same place. If you feel uncomfortable, just make sure you are prepared BEFORE you start.