Can I Get Any Extra Horses?

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Can I get any extra horsepower from putting HotWires on my 1994' Prelude? What distributor cap works well with the HotWires?
The topic of Spark Plug wires has been brought up many times and I think you'll find that plug wires are plug wires. OEM Honda wires are going to be the best wires to use, Second to that NGK Blue. As for the Hotwires product your basically paying for a name not the product. I say save your money and buy something like a CAI or a Header and exhaust.
I have the NOS seat covers that have the nitrous oxide bottle on the front of the seat with flames coming off them. I had a guy up here make those custom for me.
Its not the covers that slip on, i had the seats re-coverd its hard to explain. Like they took off all the old fabric and put NOS bottles on them as well as the back seats it looks really cool.
To get back to the topic do I just order the distributor cap directly from honda or how to I go about ordering that? Cause I need to put new spark plug wires and a new distributor cap on my car
yeah call up your local honda dealer.... just tell them 1994 Prelude. then ask for Distributor Cap, Spark Plug Wires, and SEATS!
Haven't installed it yet, so I haven't seen any hp gains. Well, maybe, it's been in my trunk, so I HAVE to be getting at least 1-2 hp from that. Next time you're here, we're installing it!!
For sure, we'll even do a how to on it.
Poor Ass Racing NOS Steering Wheel Cover Install. :lol:

Dude, clear out your PM's I can't send you any cause it says your box is full.
~Momo Performance Boot

As in shift boot? How do they get off calling that performance.

Do you think you could post pictures of your car please? I'm really intrigued by your flaming seats.
Originally posted by Hexen@Jan 10 2003, 01:33 PM
Do you think you could post pictures of your car please? I'm really intrigued by your flaming seats.

the key word being 'flaming'
Momo makes 4 different types of boots . I think the boot i have isnt as tall as the others they call it a Performance boot . Im going to try to get some pics here soon . i took the fukin NOS seat covers and shit out and i orderd sparco seats . Im ordering my body kit sometime this week its going to be a street fyghter front bumper , black widow side skirts and a black widow rear bumper.