Can I swap rear brakes off a 91 integra to put on


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Can I swap rear brakes off a 91 integra to put on 95 civic hatch cx. If so what all do I need (please list in detail). thanks


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It wont work. You need them from either an EX Civic 92+, or 94+ Integra. and you need the complete rear trailing arm and ebrake cable. may also need the booster/master cylinder/prop valve

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Yes you can. I did it. It works just fine.

Youll need to swap the trailing arms w/ brake stuff (obviously) and its best to swap the upper control arm too. That way you dont have to mess around with the bushings at all. You also need to swap the e-brake cable brakets from your civic to the teg cable.

You dont need to change out the master or anything like that. It brakes just fine with little difference in pedal feel.


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Originally posted by SpodaB1@Apr 4 2004, 10:23 PM
Im sorry. I didnt mean to mispost information.

It's not really misinformation, just not all fact :)


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so correct me if I am wrong I DONT need the ebrake cable or the trailing arm. what about a proportioning valve