Can I Win With What I Have?

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hey everyone,

i have this friend who's always saying his golf gti 1.8t with an oettinger chip upgrade (195hp) can kick my ass. Can he?
i know a stock gti comes with 150hp and weights around 3000lbs. i does 0-60 in 8.5stock, while mine can do it in 7 (i have proved it). well, can he beat my ass or will he be disapointed?
Audi (The 1.8T is an Audi engine) severly undertunes their turbo engines destined for the states. I had a co worker that owned a 2000 S4, the MTM chip that he bought for that car gave him close to 60hp by keeping the boost up troughout the rev range and overspooling the turbos a little. His boost meter would drop significantly has he revved the engine in stock form.